We’re working on products today that will set standards for the future. Our piezoelectric sensor technology makes it possible to perform measurements under the most difficult conditions. Offering the highest quality service is for us not only a matter of course, but an incentive as well.


Together we are strong. Our understanding of partnership and cooperation defines us and moves us forward. What applies outside the company is of particular importance within our company. Only by moving beyond differences and strengthening common interests can we manage to stay where we are: at the top.


Every day. It’s all the tiny steps that move us forward and ultimately make the difference. Only those who constantly work to improve themselves and their products can become more effective and efficient. This is the basis for not only opening up new application areas, but also for creating long lasting values.


Every company considers customer satisfaction to be its most important commodity. What distinguishes us from others is the willingness to question our own actions and go in new directions. True customer orientation can only be achieved in connection with the highest level of expertise.


Our employees are the greatest asset we have. Their dedication, creativity and reliability are the keys to our success. We have created an environment that motivates and inspires our staff because we are thankful and value their dedication. Mutual respect, professional and personal development and open communication are not only essential to success, but are an absolute requirement to being successful.