Within a piezoelectric sensor, tiny charges are generated during operating that must be transported to the amplifier without loss. This is a particular challenge in the area of high temperature sensor systems because the insulation resistance of insulating materials significantly decreases at high temperatures. Since chemical reactivity increases substantially with increasing temperature, all coatings must be extremely robust and resistant to corrosion.

Piezocryst has its own coating technology, which allows the application of a wide variety of coatings with specific properties. In simple terms, surfaces must be made either conductive or non-conductive, but in many cases surfaces are also chemically passivated. The required coating technology includes different materials, which are high quality, but also expensive, such as gold or platinum. In addition, ceramic insulating layers a few nanometers thick can be used, but also technological highlights, such as conductive ceramic coatings that can be reliably applied on highly anisotropic materials. For this development, Piezocryst was awarded the research prize for Nano science in the State of Styria (Steiermark), Austria.