In Piezoelectric sensors – especially in high-end sensors – the surface quality and plane parallelism of all elements in the line of force are relevant to measurement properties. Inevitably, there are also very high demands placed on the joining technology. Welds must be continuous and gas-tight, must connect totally different materials together, and must be absolutely reproducible in all areas such as in shrinkage or a change in the grain size of the joined materials. To meet these requirements, Piezocryst uses electron beam in addition to laser and pulsed-arc welding. This way, very well defined and low tolerance welding with high demands on depth-to-width ratio can be produced.

To guarantee the quality of these challenging welds, controls are regularly carried out during the production process. Serial parts are sanded and etched and the welds are measured and checked for conformity under a microscope. This is crucial for the high signal quality and the low variation of Piezocryst sensors and contributes significantly to their long product life.