Piezocryst is one of the few European companies that maintain their own crystal growth and processing facility, as well as the only company worldwide that can produce a single crystal gallium phosphate (GaPO4) and then process it into a high-precision product. Unchanged, GaPO4 is probably the most suitable material for high-performance piezoelectric sensors, particularly when high temperatures come into play.

GaPO4 has absolute linear temperature-dependent sensitivity, but pressure and force dependent sensitivity is also absolutely linear and allows for near-perfect sensor behavior. Another advantage is the extremely high internal resistance of the material. This is significantly better than other piezoelectric materials, particularly at higher temperatures, allowing for error-free signal reproduction.

Piezocryst manufactures crystal elements in a very complex process. First, the single crystal GaPOis examined down to the smallest flaw in the interior of the crystal in an optical scanning process. Then, pure GaPO4 is processed mechanically under tight angular tolerances, so that actual sensing elements develop. Each of these sensing elements is visually inspected for perfect corner and edge qualities and only top quality elements with the lowest height tolerances are utilized in the sensors. This process is responsible for the high signal quality and the low variation of Piezocryst sensors, but also contributes significantly to a longer product life.