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In addition to customized piezoelectric sensors and high-quality standard sensors, Piezocryst also offers development services in the area of piezoelectric sensing technology. Typically, special sensor concepts are developed and compared within the context of longer-term cooperation agreements, then tested for durability and optimized, and designed for industrial mass production, also for automotive volumes.

A few examples of what this work includes:

  • A comparison of different piezoelectric materials, like metallic materials with respect to their suitability for specific metrological requirements
  • A comparison of different sensor concepts in terms of technical requirement profiles and commercial aspects
  • The analysis of existing sensor concepts for possible vulnerabilities, and based on that, the development of improved designs
  • The development of sensor concepts suitable for mass production (technically and commercially) and the selection of appropriate production technology
  • The identification and evaluation of important sensor properties (temperature and load resistance, acceleration sensitivity, natural frequency, load change, distortion sensitivity, shear sensitivity, thermodynamic behavior, etc.) in laboratory systems, as well as test and field installations
  • Application support, meaning the analysis and evaluation of possible installation situations, the analysis of possible differences in reference systems, and the evaluation of customer feedback
  • The calibration and testing of sensors in Piezocryst testing facilities, including accelerated life tests with respect to temperature, acceleration, pressure, force, etc.
  • The development of specific testing systems for accelerated life testing
  • The error analysis and correction during production ramp-up, in particular by linking process and material know-how
  • A risk analysis of material and design changes
  • The design and construction of sensor prototypes

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