Dynamic Pressure



Measurements in R&D differ profoundly from those for serial applications. Boundary conditions like temperature, mounting environment, mechanical stress or heat flux are not fully evaluated. Furthermore testing time is usually limited and the measurement position new, so there is no or only few data for comparison. This complex situation demands sensors which deliver a reliable signal which is not influenced by other physical quantities. On top, there should be different sensor configurations for easy integration into the setup.

The P-series is designed for monitoring dynamic pressure and quasistatic pressure up to 350 bar and features a high accuracy which makes the sensors also suitable for precise thermodynamic analyses. The sensors’ patented sensing element, with Crystal Match™ technology, enables exceptional signal qualities over the entire temperature range. The Double Shell™ design gives high mechanical isolation from influences of the mounting bore and decouples the piezoelectric elements from negative influences of mechanical stress.



  • High output signal
  • Internal heat conducting element
  • High temperature stability (400°C / 750°F)
  • Virtually constant sensitivity over the entire lifetime

Under a high temperature gradient, the outstanding material properties of single crystalline GaPO4 sensing elements can reach their full potential (Crystal Technology): There are no false signals caused by temperature changes and the high internal resistance of GaPOallows an accurate representation of the pressure curve at highest temperatures. The transverse piezoelectric effect is used to optimize the sensor’s signal-to-noise ratio, optimally adapting the sensitivity of the sensors to the required pressure range.

To achieve highest data quality, it is also necessary that any distortion of the mounting bore does not cause a mechanical disturbance of the sensing elements. For this purpose the so-called Double ShellTM housing is used. It consists of two integrated housing elements, in which the outer element absorbs mounting bore disturbances and the inner element remains force-free. This way the sensing elements only "feel" the purest mechanical pressure signal without error, and the measuring signal is largely free of mechanical disturbances.

This technology is available in different sizes and "packaging" variations for optimal installation under a variety of conditions.


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